The Pink Cloud

My therapist clued me into the fact that maybe sobriety wouldnt always be as easy as it is right now. Im three weeks sober tomorrow, and up until today, everything has been a piec of cake, a walk in the park. Today i was caught off guard by anxiety, frustration, and sadness. I dont know where they came from, but i wanted to drink a beer like crazy. I didnt. I talked myself down. I had gone to a meeting earlier but felt tired and annoyed to the point that i left early. Im supposed to get a sponsor before my next therapy session as like a homework assignment. Tonight i am doing alright. Im home alone as the roomies are out on the town. Im trying to tackled some big projects that are attempting to paralyze me into inaction with their enormity. I can do it. And i will do it best sober. 


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