Wedding Day

A week ago, i got married. Like, a government marriage, married. It was decided about 3 days before it happened and even though it was spur-of-the-moment, nothing has ever felt more “right.” I went by the courthouse and called the magistrate last Wednesday to get everything in order for friday morning.  In spite of my precautionary efforts, the magistrate left early and we had to get married at the jail. That meant soliciting help from strangers to be witnesses for us which turned out to be pretty easy and a great story. I had a few friends get butt hurt about not being included in the ceremony, and my sister called me”stupid,” but they all got over that pretty quickly. There has been a series of celebrations since then. And I like numbers. I like numbers a lot. i got married on 5/5. I think that is tres cool. Also tres cool is how smart and beautiful and fierce my wife is. She is also uncompromising. I can appreciate that. She is also accepting+supportive of my transition, the fluidity of my gender,  my cold sores, the fact i don’t like my chest touched in a sexual way, my disdain for shoes–she is, ina word, perfect. Perfect for me, at least.


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