While i have traveled a lot of places, i think when i say what i do in these places, i might come across as rather boring. I talk to people. I write postcards. I get lost. I relax in ways im unable to at home. This first voyage to baltimore to see a good friend was EXACTLY what i needed after figuring out my root chakra is blocked/unbalanced. Rest, red, and food were the cures and so i slept a lot, wore red a lot, stood in my friend’s kitchen looking at all her red refrigerators magnets a lot, and ate loads of the best vegan food I’ve ever had. Scientifically speaking, i cant say i have improved but in a very unscientific gauging of how i feel, i think im ready to take on the world again–perhaps reminding myself occasionally that meeting my basic needs should be priority number 1. Or maybe i just need to travel more to stay balanced.


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