For a while now i have been dreading getting served my divorce papers because whenever i would hear from my wife, i would lose my shit. After my unbinding ritual, that feeling of losing my shit in relation to my wife’s contact went away, and i have experienced neutral reactions to her contact–for the most part. Thursday morning, I scheduled a tattoo appointment for the evening time, and after work, went home to clean the house and relax. Right before i was about to leave the house for my appointment, a sheriff’s deputy came by to serve me my divorce papers. I told him my legal name was not anywhere on the paperwork, and he didn’t seem to worry about that. Idk. He was willing to take a picture which i thought was nice, and he knew where I worked because he’d just served someone there the previous night. Anyway, i don’t believe that a notary is going to let me sign this copy i received because it isn’t me and it would not undo a marriage because on paper, legally, i am not this particular name. Im going to print out this form again and put my legal name on it and get it notarized and return it to this person. Otherwise, after all this bs, i might not be actually divorced come next may. So, i went and got my fingers tattooed. It didn’t work out in Baltimore for a couple of reasons it seems–first off, too much money, and secondly, i wasn’t so sure of the font i wanted. It came to me when i made my appointment that i wanted a person i am seeing to write it out for me and that i would use their personal font. They are going through a much worse divorce than i am so it is like homage to their struggle and my weird, permanent way of having their mark on me. Without consultation, they wrote the phrase exactly how i envisioned it. It didn’t take long to whip out this phrase on my knuckles and i was showing it off by 9pm. Right before i went to bed, I asked the person im seeing how it feels to have their handwriting on someone FOREVER and they said, “it feels nice, buddy.”


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